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Welcome to Plastic Surgery 101

The goal of Plastic Surgery 101 is to provide you with detailed plastic surgery information so you can make informed decisions as you consider having cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgery 101 Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are topics of growing interest. Television shows featuring plastic surgeons and their patients are increasingly popular. More and more plastic surgery procedures are being performed every year. Once only for the wealthy, today people from all walks of life are having plastic surgery because of the great enhancements it can provide to quality of life.

New plastic surgery techniques are constantly being developed and introduced. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of clear information about plastic surgery easily available to consumers and potential patients. Confusion about the real facts of plastic surgery is very common.

About Plastic Surgery 101
This web site provides educational information for people considering plastic surgery. It offers facts about specific plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures so you can make informed decisions. The material on this site was compiled by a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with the goal of providing clear and current cosmetic surgery information based upon the current practice of plastic surgery in Los Angeles.

What are reasonable expectations of the results of plastic surgery?
Plastic surgery can offer excellent improvements in appearance and self-esteem. But before you undergo plastic surgery, you should understand what procedures can and cannot provide you. You should look at before and after pictures of plastic surgery procedures on actual patients. You should know how procedures are performed, what to expect during recovery, what the potential risks might be, how to assure maximum safety, and what the latest innovations are.

The best (and happiest) plastic surgery patients are those that make informed decisions. The information on this web site is provided so you have the knowledge necessary to make the best possible choices.

No web site can replace a consultation and examination by an actual plastic surgeon and this site does not attempt to do this. But it does provide the knowledge necessary to ask your plastic surgeon appropriate questions. Once you read the information provided here, you will be in a better position to get the most out of discussions with your plastic surgeon.

Plastic Surgery 101 To learn more about individual plastic surgery options, please go to our Plastic Surgery Procedures page. Also, below are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures, along with a brief description of each. Simply click on the procedure name for detailed information and plastic surgery facts.

Facelift: Sagging skin on the face and neck can be frustrating and make people look older. Read how facelift can tighten this sagging skin and freshen facial appearance.

Eyelift (eyelid lift or blepharoplasty): Both the upper and lower eyelids can sometimes droop or appear puffy, making people look older or tired. Read about ways of improving the appearance of eyelids.

Browlift (forehead lift): Sometimes the eyebrows and forehead can hang low on the face. This can make people look tired or angry. Read how a browlift can help improve the appearance of the forehead.

Rhinoplasty (nose surgery or nose reshaping): Some people are unhappy with the shape or size of their noses. Read how nose surgery can provide a more pleasing appearance to the nose.

Breast Augmentation (breast implants): Some women desire fuller or larger breasts. Read how breast augmentation is performed and the types of breast implants that can be used.

Breast Lift (mastopexy): Sagging breasts often occur after pregnancy, with weight loss, or with aging. Read about the surgical options for lifting the breasts.

Breast Reduction (reduction mammaplasty): Women with overly large breasts face many challenges and often have symptoms such as back pain and neck pain. Read how breast reduction can help relieve this condition.

Liposuction: This is the most common plastic surgery procedure. Read how liposuction removes fat and changes body contour without large incisions.

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty): For people who have excess skin and fat of the abdomen, or who have had babies, or have lost a lot of weight, tummy tuck can provide a new shape to the mid-section. Read how tummy tuck provides a flatter and thinner abdomen.

Plastic Surgery for Men: More and more men are seeking plastic surgery. Read about the types of procedures that are appropriate for men and what to expect from male plastic surgery.

Gynecomastia (male chest reduction or male breast reduction): Some men have excess fat or breast tissue in their chest. Read how this condition can be treated with plastic surgery.

Skin Resurfacing and Laser: Sometimes surgery is not the only choice to enhance appearance. Read about these noninvasive facial rejuvenation procedures and what sort of improvements they can provide.

Botox® Cosmetic: This treatment can remove wrinkles in treatments that last only minutes, but can take years off facial appearance. Read more about this nonsurgical facial enhancement procedure.

Restylane, Sculptra and Other Injectible Fillers: These skin fillers can help remove lines and wrinkles, sometimes even those that are very deep. Read how fillers work and how long they last.

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Plastic Surgery 101 provides information on Beverly Hills plastic surgery. It is based on current techniques of plastic surgery in Los Angeles California. Some of these procedures include Los Angeles tummy tuck and Beverly Hills breast augmentation and Beverly Hills liposuction. The California plastic surgeon who provided information for this site also offers you facts about facelift in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills rhinoplasty along with all California cosmetic surgery procedures. The information presented is for informational purposes only, please consult with your physician about your specific medical issues.

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